April 12, 2012

The Beauty of Loving

Posted by Christina Morley |

Tell me, why do people do the things they do?
Is life so hard that love has died too?
Or do we just refuse to accept the love that’s there
So afraid of getting hurt, that we pretend not to care?

Why do we build walls to keep others out?
Jericho’s walls fell with a shout!
Isn’t there a better way of healing life’s ills
Than building those walls and causing more spills?

When we are hurt by other’s sin
And defense builds up, we mustn’t give in
But we should be open to what’s inside
And not become afraid or try to hide

There’s something sweeter about love than you know
Christ came in human form that love to show
It breaks down all walls between race and creed
That’s the kind of love to which we’ve been freed

It will take grace for that love to grow
Though it might not be easy, give it a go
And soon you’ll find what was always there
That love was made for us to share

It is Christ’s love in us we should live
And God will use whatever we can give
The secret is in trying, and in trying we’ll see
That in time love will come more easily

So don’t give up when the pain is felt
Christ is stronger and that pain will melt.
Imagine how beautiful it will be
When one day we’ll all live in harmony

by Christina Morley