June 05, 2012

Less Advice, Lots of Love

Posted by Christina Morley |

There is always a reason
For every different season
Time helps make sense of it all
When passing through spring or fall

Dealing with life’s issues
Is like needing sandals or shoes
Having the right kind of gear
To help you through the year

Laugh with those who are laughing
Cry with those who are crying
Give a little heart, not an answer
Callous words are like a cancer
Be as gentle as a dove
Less advice, lots of love

by Christina Morley


Ugochi said...

Truth well written Christina, I now follow your blog, found you on another blogger's blog.
Have a glorious evening!

Denise Oldham said...


Christina Morley said...

Thank you Ugochi! Please take the time to go through the poems that I've posted here. I write about many different topics, sometimes light-hearted and sometimes not. I'm now following you back. Have a blessed day and week ahead!

Altair Astor said...

I love this and will read more after posting this comment :) New follower via GFC. Love for you to follow back http://inhighheelsanddogtags.blogspot.jp/ when you get a chance.

Christina Morley said...

Hi Altair! My dad was in the army at Okinawa for about 10 years. I never visited him there, I was living here with my family in South Africa.

My dad is now working for the military as a civilian in Hawaii. From one beautiful island to the next! :)

I'm now following you back. God bless!

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