June 30, 2012

New Wine

Posted by Christina Morley |

You don’t despise
The little I have to give
My birth was no surprise
Or my weaknesses
You breathed life
In Genesis
And I realize
I was in Your plan
In the palm
Of Your hand
Take all of my heart
Take every part
You’re the new wine
And here I’ll dine
You make all things new
Your love is true

by Christina Morley


Christina Morley said...

Denise wrote: I really like this one.

I deleted it by mistake. Sorry Denise!

God bless you!

Erin said...

Love this!! Wow, you have a gift for ministering through writing.
Just stumbled upon your lovely blog, lookin forward to reading more.



Christina Morley said...

Thanks Erin! Those were the sweetest words! I visited your blog and read your about me page. You remind me of myself when I was younger because I was also in love with love. :) I'm now following you on GFC, Pinterest, and liked you on FB. Have a blessed 4th of July!

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