July 19, 2012

Love is the Only Way

Posted by Christina Morley |

The last shall be first
The first shall be last
It’s an attitude of the heart
And love will stand fast

I can have ambition
But not without submission
To the Spirit who gives me vision
To love is His only condition

When things don’t go right
And I’m tempted to fight
I need to stop and pray
‘Cause love is the only way

by Christina Morley


Denise said...

Enjoyed this.

Brooke Arellano said...

Great poem! Stopping by from the mom blog hop and am now your newest follower:) Hope you can come check out Crazy Mama Drama !

Anni said...

Make My Morning Blog Hop brought me here :) new follower!

Love your blog!

Smooches from Germany,

Christina Morley said...


Christina Morley said...

Hi Anni! I have 5 blogs. Thanks for liking this one too! I am already a follower of yours as of a few minutes ago. I wrote you part of a message in German. :) I think Faith and Fashion is a great concept and I wish you all the best with your blog!


Christina Morley said...

Thanks for stopping by and following my blog! I have 5 blogs, my 5th one is shared with hubby. You can find them listed under my other links. I had fun reading about your crazy life as a mom, but the swearing was not my favorite part. I'm not against a bad word used here and there. :) I'm now following you back! Take care, Tina

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