February 22, 2012

Our Lives are Like Stories

Posted by Christina Morley |

Our lives are like stories acted out in a play
Yet at times those stories get jumbled in some way
Maybe we read the wrong script or misread how it goes
And then find ourselves caught in the middle of life’s throws

To him that overcomes is victory living
Our strength comes from God and He keeps on giving
No man can go down where God cannot go
And God is a jealous God, His love He will show

If we miss out on the best, that’s not the end to our story
All things work together for the good to God’s glory
He came to give us life and life abundantly
It’s a joy-filled life He’s given both you and me

He knows we’ll get hurt and experience life’s stings
So He reminds us not to focus on these things
But to focus on Him is life evermore
And He’ll bring us to that glorious shore

The story is not over, it’s just begun
The race is not finished till the crown is won

by Christina Morley