February 23, 2012

You Speak Through All Your Creation

Posted by Christina Morley |

You speak to me when I’m asleep
You give me dreams, Your truth I’ll keep
You speak through all Your creation
You are in every sound and vibration

You see what I cannot see
You made the heavens and the deep blue sea
Every insect and every flower
Reveals Your creative power

I’m amazed that I can fit in Your plan
When You can hold the universe in Your hand
I’m so small, yet You’ve made me great
Keep my feet from slipping and my path straight

I give You glory ‘cause of who You are
You know each hair on my head, named every star
You speak and Your angels do Your bidding
I am Yours, available and willing

Give me ears to hear
And eyes that see
Keep me near
Your majesty
I’ll have no fear
As You walk with me
‘Cause You give me the victory

by Christina A. Morley