November 17, 2012

What is Love

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What is love?
But a powerful emotion
It rushes in
And sets things in motion
It can’t be quenched
By the mightiest ocean
So don’t play with love

For everything
There is a time and season
God’s laws
Are there for a reason
Don’t awaken love
Before it’s time
Or it could become
Tomorrow’s thrown-out dime

Love comes around once
It can come around twice
But be careful
Are you willing to pay its price?
It can level whatever stands in its path
Resembling the force of wrath
So don’t play with love

Photo and Poem by
Christina Morley

October 16, 2012

There's a Road that is Turning

Posted by Christina Morley |

Photo by Christina Morley
There are times the Lord doesn’t seem near,
But oh, how much He wants us to hear
Of His great love and the sacrifice He made,
So that even the littlest one can be saved.

Whether male or female, wealthy or poor,
Jesus is standing at the door.
Through floods, fires, famine, and cold,
The Lord reaches out with love un-foretold.

Jesus came for the needy and lame.
The sinner, the baby, He loves just the same.
The children have voices, the fetuses none.
Do we have His compassion for everyone?

The Muslim, the Hindu, the slave, and oppressed,
Jesus took the towel, as a servant was dressed.
To help the hurting and to set captives free
Takes courage, sacrifice, and love from you and me.

From Japan to Jordan, from China to Chile,
Stretch out, reach out, the harvest is plenty.
From Albania to India, Sudan and Kuwait,
If we don’t hurry, it may be too late.

As He is healing you, heal others around.
Nothing is stopping you; your feet are not bound.
Be filled with His Spirit and bathed in His love.
All power and authority come from above.

There’s a road that is turning.
There’s a way we can go.
The doors are now opening.
His love we can show.

by Christina Morley

September 25, 2012

Crumbs or Steak?

Posted by Christina Morley |

Tell me, who knows the mind of the Lord that we should offer Him counsel?
If He has told us a thing, is it not true?
Either we believe God or we place His wisdom on a mantel,
Which is like living our lives in an old, smelly shoe.

What has He promised for His beloved daughters and sons?
Did He not say that He would take care of each and everyone?
Then why are we so busy eating the crumbs
When God wants us to live a life of joy and even have fun?

We easily get focused on what our needs are
That we forget to seek God’s Kingdom first.
When we get our priorities right and up to par,
Then God will give us a marvellous thirst.

We’ll begin to see the needs of others around
And God will fill us with living water that will always abound.
To seek His Kingdom first is to be eating that steak;
And to discover a life of faith,
Believe God, it’s no mistake.

by Christina Morley

September 16, 2012

I Love Music

Posted by Christina Morley |

I love music
Give me a melody
I love music
Someone play me a key

When there’s stress and things go wrong
I need a feel good song
When problems pour down like rain
Music keeps me sane

Spin a lyric
Thread a rhyme
Drum a rhythm
I’m feeling fine

by Christina Morley

A few years ago I flew to Germany alone with my son to my grandfather's funeral. I was afraid to stop over at the Frankfurt airport, because it's a huge airport, so I decided to stop over at the much smaller Hamburg airport instead. I have no problem conversing in the German language and most Germans can speak English, so I wasn't worried about that. I just didn't want to get lost. Well, the Hamburg airport was a mistake of choice. They lacked the German efficiency that one would have expected. Computer systems were down. No one explained what the hold-up was and no one apologized for the delay. We were third in line, but it took an hour before we got to the counter and received our boarding passes. What was worse was that they had no background music playing at the airport. It was awful just standing there staring at the staff behind the counters and their computers. Also, I had my 10-year-old boy with me and what was he supposed to do? Occasionally, I hummed tunes to myself, I was that desperate. With the delay, others missed their flights, but we got to our connecting flight just in time.

September 09, 2012

Philosophy (Everything Comes in Packaging)

Posted by Christina Morley |

The world’s philosophy
Oh, doesn’t it sound so good to your ears?

It wasn’t really lying
It was only a tiny, little, white lie

Everything comes in packaging
And it’s always made to look so nice

It’s my right
No one has the right to tell me what to do

Have safe sex
And you should only begin when you feel ready

Everything comes in packaging
And it’s always made to look so nice

All religions are good
Therefore, there is no one true religion

The world’s truth
Or God’s truth, which is the only truth

God has promised that if you should know the truth,
The truth will set you free

by Christina Morley

I thought you might be interested to know that I wrote this poem when I was 18 years old. Our modern, western culture dictates to school-going kids the philosophy that they are to embrace. This was my response to that.