June 12, 2012

Alpha and Omega

Posted by Christina Morley |

He is the Alpha and Omega
The beginning and the end
He is Creator and Caretaker
Our Comforter and Friend

He laughs at the impossible
He knows it can be done
All power and authority
Belong to the Son

Now if you didn’t get it yet
And if you haven’t heard
He always keeps His promises
It’s written in His Word

So whatever He has done before
He can do again
Remember He’s Creator, Caretaker
Your Comforter and Friend

by Christina Morley


Christina Morley said...

This poem was inspired by a poem that a friend gave to me.


Esmeralda said...

Really nice words, keep up the good work.
Linking up through Exposure 99% blog hop.
Esmeralda @ sciencesosexy.blogspot.com

Denise said...

Comforting words, bless you.

Christina Morley said...

Hi Esmeralda! Your blog has a great name! My husband and I went to London several years ago for my mom's 50th. We had a blast! I had been before as a child, but it was more fun as an adult. We loved it that the sun only went down at around 10 pm (it was July) and there was still an energetic vibe at night. We live in a small town and nothing much happens here! I'm now following you on GFC and G+

Christina Morley said...

Thanks Denise! Blessings to you!

Unknown said...

Love this, such a great passage. www.iheartpears.blogspot.com

Cassie said...

Another great blog! I would love for you to follow me back at http://www.two-in-diapers.blogspot.com. :)

Unknown said...

Hi! Following you from the Exposure 99% Weekday hop! I hope you will stop by Swanky Baby and follow us too. Have a good day!

Swanky Baby

Christina Morley said...

Hi Elise! I'm now following back! I also love C.S. Lewis and enjoy seeing quotes by him!

God bless!

Christina Morley said...

I'm glad you enjoy poetry. I need to post another one of my poems soon. I see that it's been a few days, but boy, it's been a busy time for me! :)

I am following back. Blessings to you!

Christina Morley said...

Thanks! I'm following back!

Enjoy your day!

Unknown said...

New follower, I would love if you followed back at www.iheartpears.blogspot.com

Christina Morley said...

Hi Elise! I am one of your followers and I just popped on over and left you a comment on your blog with the very cute baby shower ideas! :)

Have a fantastic week!

Sapan said...

Nice One !!

I have also just started blogging and you may like this -->

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