July 19, 2012

Love is the Only Way

Posted by Christina Morley |

The last shall be first
The first shall be last
It’s an attitude of the heart
And love will stand fast

I can have ambition
But not without submission
To the Spirit who gives me vision
To love is His only condition

When things don’t go right
And I’m tempted to fight
I need to stop and pray
‘Cause love is the only way

by Christina Morley

July 15, 2012

Hear the Call

Posted by Christina Morley |

Photo by Dominic Morel

Hear the call
Sound the drums
Wake up! Wake up!
Arise ye dead
See ye blind
Now’s the time
For your light to shine

Hear the voice
From on high
Jesus Christ! Jesus Christ!
He’s the Truth
I tell no lie
He’s the way
For all mankind

Hear the saints
In the battle
We’ve won! We’ve won!
Death’s been killed
Life now lives
So wake up
And accept what He gives
New life! New life!

by Christina Morley