August 09, 2012

Lazy Summer Days

Posted by Christina Morley |

Home-made ice cream
And pink lemonade
Great for lazy summer days
Delicate butterflies
Romantic sunsets
Fall upon my happy gaze

Ceiling fans
Cool, white sheets
Help summer evenings go by
Gentle waves
A walk on the beach
Under a starry sky

Hand in hand
A touch, a kiss
Your body next to mine
Speaking words
Of tenderness
So perfect and divine

by Christina A. Morley

I know it's summertime in the Northern Hemisphere, so this poem is for all of you who are enjoying warmer weather. I'm sure the last poem's pic with the wintry scene must have been a bit confusing!

Another reason why I chose this poem is because I've been doing a series on "My Husband is a Martian" over at my parenting blog, Amanda's Books and More. I've been writing about the challenges of communicating with a partner who seems to be from a different planet. I thought it would be nice to share something about the happier side of marriage.