July 10, 2012

What’s Troubling You?

Posted by Christina Morley |

Honey, what’s on your mind?
Why do you always run around?
Why don’t you slow down?
What’s troubling you?

Honey, I see it in your face
Those distant eyes
The haphazard thoughts
Your constant restlessness

You’re always somewhere else
Inside that head
But still running away
From what’s there

So you dream
Keep yourself busy
Talk a lot
And have many friends

But what’s troubling you?
What’s inside?
Why hide?
It’ll always be there

Slow down
Listen to what others have to say
Take a good look at yourself
And try to find the reason why

And when you need to talk
Find people with wisdom
Who know you well
And sit down with them

It will take time
And some discipline
But overall
It’s worth it

Only then can God
Begin to work in your life
When you allow Him
To clean up the clutter

Yes, there’s a mess in your life
One you need to face
But when the refining is done
What’s left is the image of God

by Christina Morley

Photo by Gerhard Nel and used by permission

Note about this poem: I wrote this poem for a special friend in 1994. We have lost contact over the years, but I hope her future is bright, happy and full of God's love flowing in her heart and from her heart.