April 21, 2012

Give a Smile

Posted by Christina Morley |

Give a smile to those you meet
A friendly look when you greet
It may be just what they need
Planting hope as a seed

It’s the sunlight through the trees
A bit of warmth on a cool breeze
Open your heart just a little
Then it won’t become brittle

Why not give it a try?
There’s no need to be shy
Find a twinkle in your eye
Be the sparkle in the night sky
It will come back to you by and by

by Christina Morley

April 18, 2012

One Little Bird

Posted by Christina Morley |

There once was a little bird high in a tree
Who loved to sing, naturally
She would sit and sing, and sing, and sing
But she never noticed her broken wing

One day another little bird passed by
And asked her why she didn’t fly?
She didn’t know the reason why
So she thought she would give it a try

But sadly enough, when she jumped off the tree
She fell down to the ground quite hopelessly
Now she was helpless and vulnerable too
And she didn’t know what she should do

So she prayed to her Maker, the One that knew
All about what she was going through
He came along and healed her wing
And now she really had a reason to sing

Now with her wings she began to fly
Higher and higher into the blue sky
Her wings were fresh, the flying new
But then the winds came, and they blew and blew

Soon she was falling, spinning ‘round and ‘round
Until she hit hard against the ground
Oh, she was hurt, she was sad and alone
Down to every last little bone

But her Maker was watching, He was there
And He gave her His most tender care
Now better and stronger than before
She was ready to fly from shore to shore

When the time came, she told her friends goodbye
Even if it was tough, at least she would try
She wanted to tell others her truthful views
About her Maker and about the Good News

Now this is the story of one little bird
What is your story, or have we heard?

by Christina Morley

April 16, 2012

To Live Your Dream

Posted by Christina Morley |

To live your dream
You can’t look at circumstances
Fear can’t stop you taking chances
You need courage in times of waiting
Not to step back when debating
Don’t look down when you’re going up
Think like a champion in the World Cup
Hold on when you feel you’re slipping
Faith and hope will keep you gripping
A life half lived is not living at all
When others think you’re crazy, just stand tall
Only you can be your true self
It’s not about gaining this world’s wealth
There’s only one of you and one of me
So there’s no room for any jealousy
Live your dream and live it big
Find the treasure, it’s worth the dig
You’re not here just for yourself
So don’t put destiny on the shelf
Live your life to the full
Don’t sit back and be a fool
Here’s your chance, take it now
Don’t keep asking yourself how
If the door shuts, find a window
Aim high, like with bow and arrow
Do the best that you can do
Because there’s nothing stopping you

by Christina Morley