April 03, 2012


Posted by Christina Morley |

I want to love someone with a passion
To give my heart away,
Not just for a day
A love that’s for keeps
But I can’t love you in that way
You only play the game
You’re insincere,
So I won’t waste my time on you

I want to give my love to someone I can trust
Who will give back as much as I give
To have an undivided heart
To love to the end as from the start

Now I won’t be played,
So give up trying
You’re just not the one and I won’t be fooled
I’m stronger than you think
I can stand alone
With God by my side I can wait
Because I won’t throw my love away
I refuse to waste my time on you

I want a love that will last the years through
A love that is real
So goodbye, goodbye, goodbye
I won’t be swallowing your lie

One day I’ll give my heart away,
But not today, not today

by Christina Morley