March 10, 2012

A True Friend

Posted by Christina Morley |

Photo by D. Sharon Pruitt

To find a true friend is rare
A friend that in not jealous
And who is always fair
A friend that champions you
And who really cares

A friend like this understands who you are
You have freedom to speak your mind
And you stay in touch even from afar
This friendship is made truly great
When both of you can shine -
Each a different star

by Christina Morley

March 08, 2012

My Imaginary Garden

Posted by Christina Morley |

In my garden are colorful flowers
And paths that you can walk for hours.
Hanging from a tree is a garden swing.
Alongside it runs a rocky stream.
There are also pockets of lush, green lawn
And a nook with a bench for sitting on.
It’s a place where kids can play
In their happy, carefree way.
Here I love to think and write
Enjoying the view within my sight.

by Christina Morley

March 06, 2012

Don’t Waste the Day

Posted by Christina Morley |

Every sunrise you see
Every new day you greet
Is a gift from above
Raining down with love
Don’t waste the day away
Be thankful when you pray
Make a difference in someone’s life
Bitterness cuts like a knife
Live with love and not hate
Destiny and not fate
Look back with no regret
Let peace reign and don’t fret
Look for the good and not the bad
Make someone else’s heart glad
Don’t hold back cautiously
Make today a memory

by Christina Morley

March 05, 2012

Psalm 85:10&11

Posted by Christina Morley |

“Steadfast love and faithfulness meet;
righteousness and peace
kiss each other."

Ps. 85:10 ESV

"Faithfulness springs up from the ground,
and righteousness looks down from the sky.”

Ps. 85:11 ESV