March 16, 2012

Prayer for My Home

Posted by Christina Morley |

Let my home be a safe haven
One to be counted among the best
May its walls build hope and its floors mercy
And may its rooms offer peace and rest

May its roof be a symbol of protection
May its ceilings teach us Your ways
And may the gates stand for honor
Together adding joy to our days

by Christina Morley

March 14, 2012

We’ve had Some Struggles

I know we’ve had some struggles
Struggles in every way
But God is so much bigger
He seems bigger everyday

So, I just wanted to tell you
That I love you anyway
Even through all the hurt
God wipes our tears away

It doesn’t matter what you do
Or what I do that counts
As long as we put God first
Those things won’t weigh an ounce

Now today’s a day to start again
And with God we’ll always win
Loving and living selflessly
God will give us victory!

by Christina Morley

First written 5/27/1997
Revised 3/14/2012