April 16, 2012

To Live Your Dream

Posted by Christina Morley |

To live your dream
You can’t look at circumstances
Fear can’t stop you taking chances
You need courage in times of waiting
Not to step back when debating
Don’t look down when you’re going up
Think like a champion in the World Cup
Hold on when you feel you’re slipping
Faith and hope will keep you gripping
A life half lived is not living at all
When others think you’re crazy, just stand tall
Only you can be your true self
It’s not about gaining this world’s wealth
There’s only one of you and one of me
So there’s no room for any jealousy
Live your dream and live it big
Find the treasure, it’s worth the dig
You’re not here just for yourself
So don’t put destiny on the shelf
Live your life to the full
Don’t sit back and be a fool
Here’s your chance, take it now
Don’t keep asking yourself how
If the door shuts, find a window
Aim high, like with bow and arrow
Do the best that you can do
Because there’s nothing stopping you

by Christina Morley


Denise said...

Powerful, thanks for encouraging.

Joys Of Life said...

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Christina Morley said...

I'm now following you back. I went to the introduction page on your site, but couldn't see where to introduce myself. Will you add Forums for parents? I'm interested to share. I saw you had one for Unplanned Pregnancy. I've written about that on my parenting blog http://abooksandmore.blgospot.com Take care. Tina

Create With Joy said...

I love your poem and featured it this week at Inspire Me Monday at

Create With Joy

Congrats :-)

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