June 30, 2012

New Wine

Posted by Christina Morley |

You don’t despise
The little I have to give
My birth was no surprise
Or my weaknesses
You breathed life
In Genesis
And I realize
I was in Your plan
In the palm
Of Your hand
Take all of my heart
Take every part
You’re the new wine
And here I’ll dine
You make all things new
Your love is true

by Christina Morley

June 26, 2012

Live Your Life

Posted by Christina Morley |

Do you sometimes feel your life is a dead-end?
Have you given up hope, or just lack having a friend?
What are the thoughts that run through your head?
You own them, so choose the positive instead.

Why focus on the bad when you can note the good?
Find what makes you glad even if you’re misunderstood.
You can take charge of life by not pointing the finger.
Let thankful thoughts be the thoughts that linger.

Maybe you’ve had to go without a thing or two.
Maybe growing up at home felt more like a zoo.
But who cares about the grudges you now nurse?
You must move on, be the one to forgive first.

Go for a walk on a moonlit evening.
Find a song your heart wants to sing.
There’s so much you can be grateful for.
Open your eyes and look for more.

Now breathe in, shoulders back, and step out.
It’s time to find out what life is all about.
You were created for such a time as this.
Your destiny is something you don’t want to miss.

by Christina Morley