May 29, 2012

Gracefully Yours

Posted by Christina Morley |

“Little children come unto Me,” so the Lord Jesus said.
Isn’t it amazing how we are called children of God and not adults of God instead?
To be like little children, that’s how we need to think in our head.

“Little children come unto Me,” but how often do we look elsewhere?
How often do we reject His tender loving care?
It’s more T.L.C. we need and it’s in grace that we’ll find it there.

Is grace the key to love, or love the key to grace?
What do you see when you look into another Christian’s face?
In that face, does grace have an important place?

God is love and because He loved, He gave.
Grace is the act of giving His Son for us to save.
Grace equals love; love equals grace. That’s how they behave.

“Little children come unto Me,” Lord Jesus, teach us Your ways.
Don’t let this become just a passing phase.
We need much less of “me” and much more of You in these days.

So, what is this grace that I’m speaking of?
How can it be as great as the fact that God is Love?
Because this grace comes from only one place, and that is from above.

“Little children come unto Me,” called my dear Lord and Savior.
He is the essence of grace. He is the very core.
Help us to want to receive from You even more.

Why do we need grace and what can it do?
It does away with laws that keep us from You,
And it teaches us to love through and through.
That’s the kind of grace-filled life which You’ve called us to.

by Christina Morley