November 17, 2012

What is Love

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What is love?
But a powerful emotion
It rushes in
And sets things in motion
It can’t be quenched
By the mightiest ocean
So don’t play with love

For everything
There is a time and season
God’s laws
Are there for a reason
Don’t awaken love
Before it’s time
Or it could become
Tomorrow’s thrown-out dime

Love comes around once
It can come around twice
But be careful
Are you willing to pay its price?
It can level whatever stands in its path
Resembling the force of wrath
So don’t play with love

Photo and Poem by
Christina Morley

October 16, 2012

There's a Road that is Turning

Posted by Christina Morley |

Photo by Christina Morley
There are times the Lord doesn’t seem near,
But oh, how much He wants us to hear
Of His great love and the sacrifice He made,
So that even the littlest one can be saved.

Whether male or female, wealthy or poor,
Jesus is standing at the door.
Through floods, fires, famine, and cold,
The Lord reaches out with love un-foretold.

Jesus came for the needy and lame.
The sinner, the baby, He loves just the same.
The children have voices, the fetuses none.
Do we have His compassion for everyone?

The Muslim, the Hindu, the slave, and oppressed,
Jesus took the towel, as a servant was dressed.
To help the hurting and to set captives free
Takes courage, sacrifice, and love from you and me.

From Japan to Jordan, from China to Chile,
Stretch out, reach out, the harvest is plenty.
From Albania to India, Sudan and Kuwait,
If we don’t hurry, it may be too late.

As He is healing you, heal others around.
Nothing is stopping you; your feet are not bound.
Be filled with His Spirit and bathed in His love.
All power and authority come from above.

There’s a road that is turning.
There’s a way we can go.
The doors are now opening.
His love we can show.

by Christina Morley

September 25, 2012

Crumbs or Steak?

Posted by Christina Morley |

Tell me, who knows the mind of the Lord that we should offer Him counsel?
If He has told us a thing, is it not true?
Either we believe God or we place His wisdom on a mantel,
Which is like living our lives in an old, smelly shoe.

What has He promised for His beloved daughters and sons?
Did He not say that He would take care of each and everyone?
Then why are we so busy eating the crumbs
When God wants us to live a life of joy and even have fun?

We easily get focused on what our needs are
That we forget to seek God’s Kingdom first.
When we get our priorities right and up to par,
Then God will give us a marvellous thirst.

We’ll begin to see the needs of others around
And God will fill us with living water that will always abound.
To seek His Kingdom first is to be eating that steak;
And to discover a life of faith,
Believe God, it’s no mistake.

by Christina Morley

September 16, 2012

I Love Music

Posted by Christina Morley |

I love music
Give me a melody
I love music
Someone play me a key

When there’s stress and things go wrong
I need a feel good song
When problems pour down like rain
Music keeps me sane

Spin a lyric
Thread a rhyme
Drum a rhythm
I’m feeling fine

by Christina Morley

A few years ago I flew to Germany alone with my son to my grandfather's funeral. I was afraid to stop over at the Frankfurt airport, because it's a huge airport, so I decided to stop over at the much smaller Hamburg airport instead. I have no problem conversing in the German language and most Germans can speak English, so I wasn't worried about that. I just didn't want to get lost. Well, the Hamburg airport was a mistake of choice. They lacked the German efficiency that one would have expected. Computer systems were down. No one explained what the hold-up was and no one apologized for the delay. We were third in line, but it took an hour before we got to the counter and received our boarding passes. What was worse was that they had no background music playing at the airport. It was awful just standing there staring at the staff behind the counters and their computers. Also, I had my 10-year-old boy with me and what was he supposed to do? Occasionally, I hummed tunes to myself, I was that desperate. With the delay, others missed their flights, but we got to our connecting flight just in time.

September 09, 2012

Philosophy (Everything Comes in Packaging)

Posted by Christina Morley |

The world’s philosophy
Oh, doesn’t it sound so good to your ears?

It wasn’t really lying
It was only a tiny, little, white lie

Everything comes in packaging
And it’s always made to look so nice

It’s my right
No one has the right to tell me what to do

Have safe sex
And you should only begin when you feel ready

Everything comes in packaging
And it’s always made to look so nice

All religions are good
Therefore, there is no one true religion

The world’s truth
Or God’s truth, which is the only truth

God has promised that if you should know the truth,
The truth will set you free

by Christina Morley

I thought you might be interested to know that I wrote this poem when I was 18 years old. Our modern, western culture dictates to school-going kids the philosophy that they are to embrace. This was my response to that.

September 01, 2012

Starry Sky

Posted by Christina Morley |

I thank You for the stars at night
I know that I can never leave Your sight
If You know each star by name
Then You know everyone else the same

You know so much more than I
When I look up into that deep, starry sky
I think how much You love Your creation
Heaven is beyond my imagination

I thank You for the home prepared for me
I know there will be so much more to see
A new heaven and new earth in all their glory
For me, this is a wonderful story

Help me to live in joy and peace
Until one day hatred and evil will cease
Also, help me show others the way
Until I see You in heaven, I pray

by Christina Morley

August 25, 2012

Do You Feel Powerless?

Posted by Christina Morley |

Do you feel powerless
To change things
Or become emotionless
From too many stings?

Is everything hopeless
Is it all in vain
Are you feeling helpless
Is your heart in pain?

There is one Who knows your name
He is faithful. He stays the same
He has felt your deepest pain
His love will always remain
Let His love fall like healing rain
Because your life is not in vain

What do you do
When you’re feeling restless
Who do you talk to
When your heart’s a mess?

Where is your shelter
From the storms of life
Who is your cover
When it cuts like a knife?

Next time the devil tries to steal
Don’t think about how you feel
Or the hurt that is real
Remember you are not lost, but found
And God’s angels are always around
So in Jesus’ name stand your ground

He will teach you what to do
And His love will carry you

So, next time the devil tries to steal
Don’t think about how you feel
Or the hurt that is real
Remember you are not lost, but found
And God’s angels are always around
So in Jesus’ name stand your ground!

by Christina A. Morley

August 15, 2012

Be a Friend

Posted by Christina Morley |

Lord, You taught me that to have friends,
I should be a friend.
And if I felt misunderstood, understanding
I should extend.
It’s not about protecting me, but about having
a heart that can bend.
Gifts of hope, gifts of love, and gifts of joy
I want to send.

by Christina Morley

I decided to post this poem today, because I need it for myself. It's been one of those days. I also feel more sensitive, and I can't take the hard knocks so well, when I'm ill and worn down. Do you ever feel that way too?

August 09, 2012

Lazy Summer Days

Posted by Christina Morley |

Home-made ice cream
And pink lemonade
Great for lazy summer days
Delicate butterflies
Romantic sunsets
Fall upon my happy gaze

Ceiling fans
Cool, white sheets
Help summer evenings go by
Gentle waves
A walk on the beach
Under a starry sky

Hand in hand
A touch, a kiss
Your body next to mine
Speaking words
Of tenderness
So perfect and divine

by Christina A. Morley

I know it's summertime in the Northern Hemisphere, so this poem is for all of you who are enjoying warmer weather. I'm sure the last poem's pic with the wintry scene must have been a bit confusing!

Another reason why I chose this poem is because I've been doing a series on "My Husband is a Martian" over at my parenting blog, Amanda's Books and More. I've been writing about the challenges of communicating with a partner who seems to be from a different planet. I thought it would be nice to share something about the happier side of marriage.

July 26, 2012

Who's the Real Me?

Posted by Christina Morley |

When I look into my eyes
What do I see?
Who’s the real me?
Am I everything I want to be?

Like a coloring book without color
Or a day that’s gone gray
Everything’s become a blur
And I kneel down and pray

And when He reaches down
Inside this heart that wears a frown
He touches things too deep
Awakening dreams that lay asleep

I was like a tree in winter
Without one single, green leaf
But then my heart began to stir
Happiness mixed with grief

And when He reaches down
Inside this heart that wears a frown
He touches things too deep
Awakening dreams that lay asleep

by Christina Morley

July 19, 2012

Love is the Only Way

Posted by Christina Morley |

The last shall be first
The first shall be last
It’s an attitude of the heart
And love will stand fast

I can have ambition
But not without submission
To the Spirit who gives me vision
To love is His only condition

When things don’t go right
And I’m tempted to fight
I need to stop and pray
‘Cause love is the only way

by Christina Morley

July 15, 2012

Hear the Call

Posted by Christina Morley |

Photo by Dominic Morel

Hear the call
Sound the drums
Wake up! Wake up!
Arise ye dead
See ye blind
Now’s the time
For your light to shine

Hear the voice
From on high
Jesus Christ! Jesus Christ!
He’s the Truth
I tell no lie
He’s the way
For all mankind

Hear the saints
In the battle
We’ve won! We’ve won!
Death’s been killed
Life now lives
So wake up
And accept what He gives
New life! New life!

by Christina Morley

July 10, 2012

What’s Troubling You?

Posted by Christina Morley |

Honey, what’s on your mind?
Why do you always run around?
Why don’t you slow down?
What’s troubling you?

Honey, I see it in your face
Those distant eyes
The haphazard thoughts
Your constant restlessness

You’re always somewhere else
Inside that head
But still running away
From what’s there

So you dream
Keep yourself busy
Talk a lot
And have many friends

But what’s troubling you?
What’s inside?
Why hide?
It’ll always be there

Slow down
Listen to what others have to say
Take a good look at yourself
And try to find the reason why

And when you need to talk
Find people with wisdom
Who know you well
And sit down with them

It will take time
And some discipline
But overall
It’s worth it

Only then can God
Begin to work in your life
When you allow Him
To clean up the clutter

Yes, there’s a mess in your life
One you need to face
But when the refining is done
What’s left is the image of God

by Christina Morley

Photo by Gerhard Nel and used by permission

Note about this poem: I wrote this poem for a special friend in 1994. We have lost contact over the years, but I hope her future is bright, happy and full of God's love flowing in her heart and from her heart.

July 05, 2012

A Clock Ticks

Posted by Christina Morley |

A clock ticks
A tap drips
The house is quiet and still

I take time to write
On a peaceful night
Which gives me such a thrill

The children sleep
I hear my heart beat
Evenings like this I treasure

To have time alone
To think on my own
Gives me great pleasure

by Christina Morley

June 30, 2012

New Wine

Posted by Christina Morley |

You don’t despise
The little I have to give
My birth was no surprise
Or my weaknesses
You breathed life
In Genesis
And I realize
I was in Your plan
In the palm
Of Your hand
Take all of my heart
Take every part
You’re the new wine
And here I’ll dine
You make all things new
Your love is true

by Christina Morley

June 26, 2012

Live Your Life

Posted by Christina Morley |

Do you sometimes feel your life is a dead-end?
Have you given up hope, or just lack having a friend?
What are the thoughts that run through your head?
You own them, so choose the positive instead.

Why focus on the bad when you can note the good?
Find what makes you glad even if you’re misunderstood.
You can take charge of life by not pointing the finger.
Let thankful thoughts be the thoughts that linger.

Maybe you’ve had to go without a thing or two.
Maybe growing up at home felt more like a zoo.
But who cares about the grudges you now nurse?
You must move on, be the one to forgive first.

Go for a walk on a moonlit evening.
Find a song your heart wants to sing.
There’s so much you can be grateful for.
Open your eyes and look for more.

Now breathe in, shoulders back, and step out.
It’s time to find out what life is all about.
You were created for such a time as this.
Your destiny is something you don’t want to miss.

by Christina Morley

June 18, 2012

The Innocent Suffer

Born Free was a shelter for at risk children.
Christmas outreach 2001
Abuse, suffering, hunger, and pain
What’s the purpose, can there be any gain?

The innocent suffer, the innocent cry
I see their agony and I ask myself why?

A child in the street, naked and cold
No food for the belly, wounds that are old

No parents around, there’s no one to care
No home to be found, no love to share

Why does this happen, why must it go on?
Is there any reason when reason has gone?

How many victims do we meet everyday?
Do we take time for them, do we think to pray?

Or are we too busy with our own lives to see
The needy people around you and me?

by Christina Morley

June 12, 2012

Alpha and Omega

Posted by Christina Morley |

He is the Alpha and Omega
The beginning and the end
He is Creator and Caretaker
Our Comforter and Friend

He laughs at the impossible
He knows it can be done
All power and authority
Belong to the Son

Now if you didn’t get it yet
And if you haven’t heard
He always keeps His promises
It’s written in His Word

So whatever He has done before
He can do again
Remember He’s Creator, Caretaker
Your Comforter and Friend

by Christina Morley

June 05, 2012

Less Advice, Lots of Love

Posted by Christina Morley |

There is always a reason
For every different season
Time helps make sense of it all
When passing through spring or fall

Dealing with life’s issues
Is like needing sandals or shoes
Having the right kind of gear
To help you through the year

Laugh with those who are laughing
Cry with those who are crying
Give a little heart, not an answer
Callous words are like a cancer
Be as gentle as a dove
Less advice, lots of love

by Christina Morley

May 29, 2012

Gracefully Yours

Posted by Christina Morley |

“Little children come unto Me,” so the Lord Jesus said.
Isn’t it amazing how we are called children of God and not adults of God instead?
To be like little children, that’s how we need to think in our head.

“Little children come unto Me,” but how often do we look elsewhere?
How often do we reject His tender loving care?
It’s more T.L.C. we need and it’s in grace that we’ll find it there.

Is grace the key to love, or love the key to grace?
What do you see when you look into another Christian’s face?
In that face, does grace have an important place?

God is love and because He loved, He gave.
Grace is the act of giving His Son for us to save.
Grace equals love; love equals grace. That’s how they behave.

“Little children come unto Me,” Lord Jesus, teach us Your ways.
Don’t let this become just a passing phase.
We need much less of “me” and much more of You in these days.

So, what is this grace that I’m speaking of?
How can it be as great as the fact that God is Love?
Because this grace comes from only one place, and that is from above.

“Little children come unto Me,” called my dear Lord and Savior.
He is the essence of grace. He is the very core.
Help us to want to receive from You even more.

Why do we need grace and what can it do?
It does away with laws that keep us from You,
And it teaches us to love through and through.
That’s the kind of grace-filled life which You’ve called us to.

by Christina Morley

May 23, 2012

Life is Like a Maze

Posted by Christina Morley |

Life is like a maze of crisscrossing roads
A turn-off here or an exit there
Do I go left or right?
Is it up or down?
How do I keep from getting turned around?
All roads don’t lead to the same place
Feeling jammed in
Needing some space
Looking for the right exit
But God, which one?
I’m not having any fun
Often the sign-boards just don’t make sense
Help! I’m feeling tense
Looking for the right connection
Maybe I should stop
Take time for reflection
Even ask someone a question
Does anyone understand?
I feel like it’s out of my hands
Oh, but wait
I’m not bound by fate
I’ll find the roads meant for me
Traveling the Way of my destiny
Choosing to enjoy the ride
Taking time to see the view
No longer feeling blue
Helping others on their way
Makes it a better day

by Christina Morley

May 19, 2012

I Can Carry Pain

Posted by Christina Morley |

I can carry pain
And still wear a smile
The promise I’ll gain
May take a while

The road may be long
And my heart weary
But I’ll still have a song
My load He’ll carry

God knows my heart
The sacrifices I’ve made
He’ll do His part
His life He gave

Deep cries out to deep
It’s not in vain
My heart He’ll keep
He’ll carry my pain

His joy is mine
His life fulfilling
I’ll be fine
His peace indwelling

by Christina Morley

The photo is by Gerhard Nel, a friend and amazing photographer, and is used by permission.

May 17, 2012

Passion for Life

Posted by Christina Morley |

When I was a child, I thought like one
But now my childish days are done
Though I’ve grown up, I still like fun
As wife and mother, but not under the thumb
My passion for life continues at a run
There’s lots of adventure under the sun
And I don’t want to miss any one
As I share little joys with everyone
Who said my childish days are done?
Childish yes, but carefree – none!

by Christina Morley

May 12, 2012

Blue Ribbon

Posted by Christina Morley |

You might not receive a blue ribbon
at the end of the day
And being a mother is not
a job that will pay
But your reward is the journey
every step of the way
And “Well done!” are the words
that my Father will say.

by Christina Morley

May 10, 2012

Mother Acrostic

Posted by Christina Morley |

Mom, here’s my chance to share today
On the special things you do and say
Thank you for all the love and prayer
Helping me through every care
Especially for your listening ear
Regardless of your busy day

Thank you, Mom, in every way.

Have a Happy Mother’s Day!

by Christina Morley

May 09, 2012


Posted by Christina Morley |

A mother is a person to cherish
Her love she does so readily lavish
She gives of her time to everyone
And a mother’s work is never done

A mother will sacrifice here and there
She’ll not withhold and will always share
We will never know how hard it is
Until one day we have our own kids

So thank you, Mother, for all that you do
We want you to know how much we love you
And we pray that this Mother’s Day will be
Blessed with many a happy memory

by Christina Morley

May 07, 2012

To Be a Mother

Posted by Christina Morley |

These are my four kids. I'll be posting Mother's Day card making ideas on my 1camera1mom blog for all the scrapbooking and card making moms and kids out there. You can add your own Mother's Day poem or use one of mine. I'll be adding a couple more this week to choose from.

To be a mother means…
You’re a “Home Exec,” a fancy name for doing jobs that no one sees
There are people who think that running a home must be a breeze
Daily you are finding lost items, washing dishes and making the bed
It’s not rocket science, but sometimes you think you’re losing your head

To be a mother means…
As you fold the clothes, you realize just how much the kids’ have grown
You still remember miniature sizes and wonder how the time has flown
Now you’re not “cool,” but in those days you were their sun and moon
And as they gain their independence, they’ll be leaving home soon

To be a mother means…
You have the hardest task of letting go and letting them fly
And when you’re alone, you know that you’ll cry
But once they’re gone, they’ll always know where to find you
Because you’ll always be their mother, no matter what they do

by Christina Morley

May 04, 2012

Little Baby in the Womb

Posted by Christina Morley |

Oh, little baby in the womb -
Why has your mother made it your tomb?
It was not meant to be a place of pain and death,
But a place of life, to give you breath.
God the Father could see your tiny hands and feet.
He could see you move and hear your heartbeat.
But the world told your mother a lie,
And now at night God hears her cry.
There’s a longing and aching in her heart.
She desperately wants to have a fresh start.
If God can hold you, Baby, He can hold your mother too -
In Jesus there is forgiveness and a life that is new.

by Christina Morley

May 01, 2012

The Child Inside

Posted by Christina Morley |

The child inside
A mystery to many
The way it grows
And enters society

The mother can feel it
And the child senses the mother
As they go through months together
But some mothers don’t bother

The child inside
Develops rapidly
Living and growing
So wonderfully

The child inside
Incapable of anger
Feels excruciating pain
And recognizes danger

The child inside
Murdered somehow
The merciful Lord knows
And will take care of it now

The mother can feel it
And the child senses the mother
As they go through months together
Sadly, some mothers don’t bother

by Christina Morley

April 26, 2012

Gifted, Talented Woman

Posted by Christina Morley |

How do women fit into God’s plan?
When God made Adam, there was only one man
Just God and one man? There was something missing
Someone to be mother; someone for kissing

Without women there would be no children to see
There would be no you and also no me
No different cultures, no different faces,
No different colors and no different races

Inside of God was companionship
Men and women in relationship
Adam was only half of God’s plan
With Eve came new life, new love – woman

She’s a pillar of strength, a helper to all
Ready to respond to the neediest call
The Church is Christ’s bride, what an honor to be
Gifted, talented woman – naturally!

by Christina Morley

April 21, 2012

Give a Smile

Posted by Christina Morley |

Give a smile to those you meet
A friendly look when you greet
It may be just what they need
Planting hope as a seed

It’s the sunlight through the trees
A bit of warmth on a cool breeze
Open your heart just a little
Then it won’t become brittle

Why not give it a try?
There’s no need to be shy
Find a twinkle in your eye
Be the sparkle in the night sky
It will come back to you by and by

by Christina Morley

April 18, 2012

One Little Bird

Posted by Christina Morley |

There once was a little bird high in a tree
Who loved to sing, naturally
She would sit and sing, and sing, and sing
But she never noticed her broken wing

One day another little bird passed by
And asked her why she didn’t fly?
She didn’t know the reason why
So she thought she would give it a try

But sadly enough, when she jumped off the tree
She fell down to the ground quite hopelessly
Now she was helpless and vulnerable too
And she didn’t know what she should do

So she prayed to her Maker, the One that knew
All about what she was going through
He came along and healed her wing
And now she really had a reason to sing

Now with her wings she began to fly
Higher and higher into the blue sky
Her wings were fresh, the flying new
But then the winds came, and they blew and blew

Soon she was falling, spinning ‘round and ‘round
Until she hit hard against the ground
Oh, she was hurt, she was sad and alone
Down to every last little bone

But her Maker was watching, He was there
And He gave her His most tender care
Now better and stronger than before
She was ready to fly from shore to shore

When the time came, she told her friends goodbye
Even if it was tough, at least she would try
She wanted to tell others her truthful views
About her Maker and about the Good News

Now this is the story of one little bird
What is your story, or have we heard?

by Christina Morley

April 16, 2012

To Live Your Dream

Posted by Christina Morley |

To live your dream
You can’t look at circumstances
Fear can’t stop you taking chances
You need courage in times of waiting
Not to step back when debating
Don’t look down when you’re going up
Think like a champion in the World Cup
Hold on when you feel you’re slipping
Faith and hope will keep you gripping
A life half lived is not living at all
When others think you’re crazy, just stand tall
Only you can be your true self
It’s not about gaining this world’s wealth
There’s only one of you and one of me
So there’s no room for any jealousy
Live your dream and live it big
Find the treasure, it’s worth the dig
You’re not here just for yourself
So don’t put destiny on the shelf
Live your life to the full
Don’t sit back and be a fool
Here’s your chance, take it now
Don’t keep asking yourself how
If the door shuts, find a window
Aim high, like with bow and arrow
Do the best that you can do
Because there’s nothing stopping you

by Christina Morley

April 12, 2012

The Beauty of Loving

Posted by Christina Morley |

Tell me, why do people do the things they do?
Is life so hard that love has died too?
Or do we just refuse to accept the love that’s there
So afraid of getting hurt, that we pretend not to care?

Why do we build walls to keep others out?
Jericho’s walls fell with a shout!
Isn’t there a better way of healing life’s ills
Than building those walls and causing more spills?

When we are hurt by other’s sin
And defense builds up, we mustn’t give in
But we should be open to what’s inside
And not become afraid or try to hide

There’s something sweeter about love than you know
Christ came in human form that love to show
It breaks down all walls between race and creed
That’s the kind of love to which we’ve been freed

It will take grace for that love to grow
Though it might not be easy, give it a go
And soon you’ll find what was always there
That love was made for us to share

It is Christ’s love in us we should live
And God will use whatever we can give
The secret is in trying, and in trying we’ll see
That in time love will come more easily

So don’t give up when the pain is felt
Christ is stronger and that pain will melt.
Imagine how beautiful it will be
When one day we’ll all live in harmony

by Christina Morley

April 08, 2012


Posted by Christina Morley |

Jesus is the King of Kings
He is our everything
He is the Great I Am
He is the Son of Man

By His stripes we are made whole
He can fill the empty soul
And shower us with gifts from heaven
He is the Bread without leaven

He overcame Satan by the blood of the Lamb
Though he was still the Great I Am
He also suffered as the Son of Man
So that one day we might say, “I can!”

by Christina Morley

Happy Easter!

April 03, 2012


Posted by Christina Morley |

I want to love someone with a passion
To give my heart away,
Not just for a day
A love that’s for keeps
But I can’t love you in that way
You only play the game
You’re insincere,
So I won’t waste my time on you

I want to give my love to someone I can trust
Who will give back as much as I give
To have an undivided heart
To love to the end as from the start

Now I won’t be played,
So give up trying
You’re just not the one and I won’t be fooled
I’m stronger than you think
I can stand alone
With God by my side I can wait
Because I won’t throw my love away
I refuse to waste my time on you

I want a love that will last the years through
A love that is real
So goodbye, goodbye, goodbye
I won’t be swallowing your lie

One day I’ll give my heart away,
But not today, not today

by Christina Morley

March 30, 2012

Like a Kite

Posted by Christina Morley |

Longingly I gaze at the sky
As I peek out my window
I feel safe behind my door
But as time passes on
Life is passing me by
Yet something’s pulling deep inside

If I were a kite
That remained indoors
What would be the use
If I never took to flight?

I’m sure there’s something missing
Maybe I lost the key
But I know there is a door
That I must go through
Not later, but now, even in winter or spring
I’ll fly high and let go of the string

I’ll soar on the breeze that carries my name
I’ll rise high and not in vain
At the right time, I’ll know which one’s mine
At the right time, I’ll have peace of mind
Then I will soar
I will soar

by Christina Morley

March 27, 2012

The Sun Rises

Posted by Christina Morley |

The sun rises across the sky
As people are walking by
Shining on the rich and poor
From desert to sea shore
On every man, woman, and child
From the city to the wild
It rises and then sets again
Each day without end
Telling a tale for all to see
That we aren’t living equally
Perhaps equally we never will
And also without justice ‘till
We speak up for the weak and small
In the daytime and at nightfall
To remain consistent and fair
As our lives are there to share

by Christina Morley

March 23, 2012

Outside, Under the Sky

Posted by Christina Morley |

Under the sky
I see the rain falling
In the night
Pierced by a light
Above my head
Gently washing my face
Washing it of every trace
Of frustration
And discouragement
Wet and cool
I lift my head
I lift my hands
In the night
To catch the rain
Within in my sight
Like tiny diamonds
Presents to my soul
Filling me with peace
And making me whole
Tickling my skin
In the darkness of the night
Standing in the rain
With one single light
Above my head
Under the sky

by Christina Morley

March 20, 2012

Our Children

Posted by Christina Morley |

There is no army without formal training,
Equipment, or plan for implementing.
Instead, each soldier knows how to fight
With his weapons in hand, his goal in sight.

Our children are the same; they rely on you and me.
Let’s not send them out as guppies into the sea.
The sharks have teeth and they sure can bite.
The darkness wages war against the light.

Our weapons are not guns, fists, or knives.
They are not for destruction, but are to save lives.
Our weapons are prayer, the Word, and His Spirit.
We have the victory cry, so let them hear it!

by Christina Morley

March 16, 2012

Prayer for My Home

Posted by Christina Morley |

Let my home be a safe haven
One to be counted among the best
May its walls build hope and its floors mercy
And may its rooms offer peace and rest

May its roof be a symbol of protection
May its ceilings teach us Your ways
And may the gates stand for honor
Together adding joy to our days

by Christina Morley

March 14, 2012

We’ve had Some Struggles

I know we’ve had some struggles
Struggles in every way
But God is so much bigger
He seems bigger everyday

So, I just wanted to tell you
That I love you anyway
Even through all the hurt
God wipes our tears away

It doesn’t matter what you do
Or what I do that counts
As long as we put God first
Those things won’t weigh an ounce

Now today’s a day to start again
And with God we’ll always win
Loving and living selflessly
God will give us victory!

by Christina Morley

First written 5/27/1997
Revised 3/14/2012

March 10, 2012

A True Friend

Posted by Christina Morley |

Photo by D. Sharon Pruitt

To find a true friend is rare
A friend that in not jealous
And who is always fair
A friend that champions you
And who really cares

A friend like this understands who you are
You have freedom to speak your mind
And you stay in touch even from afar
This friendship is made truly great
When both of you can shine -
Each a different star

by Christina Morley