March 14, 2012

We’ve had Some Struggles

I know we’ve had some struggles
Struggles in every way
But God is so much bigger
He seems bigger everyday

So, I just wanted to tell you
That I love you anyway
Even through all the hurt
God wipes our tears away

It doesn’t matter what you do
Or what I do that counts
As long as we put God first
Those things won’t weigh an ounce

Now today’s a day to start again
And with God we’ll always win
Loving and living selflessly
God will give us victory!

by Christina Morley

First written 5/27/1997
Revised 3/14/2012


franceSujong said...

thats so beautiful. congratulations!

Christina Morley said...

Hi Frances! Thanks! We prayed for you guys again this morning. Let us know when you're in S.A. I hope you can visit us! I always appreciate your friendship. :) God bless!

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