May 23, 2012

Life is Like a Maze

Posted by Christina Morley |

Life is like a maze of crisscrossing roads
A turn-off here or an exit there
Do I go left or right?
Is it up or down?
How do I keep from getting turned around?
All roads don’t lead to the same place
Feeling jammed in
Needing some space
Looking for the right exit
But God, which one?
I’m not having any fun
Often the sign-boards just don’t make sense
Help! I’m feeling tense
Looking for the right connection
Maybe I should stop
Take time for reflection
Even ask someone a question
Does anyone understand?
I feel like it’s out of my hands
Oh, but wait
I’m not bound by fate
I’ll find the roads meant for me
Traveling the Way of my destiny
Choosing to enjoy the ride
Taking time to see the view
No longer feeling blue
Helping others on their way
Makes it a better day

by Christina Morley