March 02, 2012

My Heart is Beating to a Different Drum

Sometimes I feel I’m just bidding time
Waiting for my life to unfold like a rhyme
Waiting for the day to sing a new song
But the waiting is taking way too long

There are many adventures that I have lived
And many more that God’s gonna give
So, I’m not stopping. My life’s just begun
Into God’s great plans I’ll run

My heart is beating to a different drum
A creative soul can’t fit into a sum
Like a color on canvas never seen before
Waiting for God to open that door
Knocking ‘till my knuckles are numb
‘Till God opens heaven and blesses me some

Can you hear it beating loud and clear?
It’s the sound of hope; faith versus fear

by Christina Morley

February 29, 2012

I See You (God Sees You)

Posted by Christina Morley |

When you’re all alone in your room
And your heart is filled with gloom
I see you

When you’re just one in the crowd
And you have nothing to make you proud
I see you

When you find friends who turn out fake
And all you do is give and they just take
I see you

When you know that you did good
But find that it’s misunderstood
I see you

Every time you give a sigh
Every time you ask yourself why
Every time that you cry
I see you

by Christina Morley

February 26, 2012

A Child’s Love

Posted by Christina Morley |

A child loves without fanfare
There is no hidden agenda there
Such love is without flaws
To see it makes my heart pause
A child’s love is pure and sweet
Receiving it is truly a treat
Its expression is simple and true
I want to love in that way too

Like a breath of fresh air
Or a whispered prayer
Selfless and without pride
Taking life in its stride
Never holding out
Unwavering without a doubt
Such love makes the world go round
It’s heaven touching ground

by Christina Morley

Perfect Peace

Posted by Christina Morley |

Peace is a word on fire
For peace is our burning desire
But where is this perfect peace
To which we would aspire?

Can it be sold in a store?
Is it the peace without war?
What is this perfect peace
Of which we need more?

Peace, where hurt is abated
Can it be duplicated?
The Father’s perfect peace
Which is so often rejected

Peace is as free as a dove
And it comes from the heavens above
How do we obtain perfect peace?
By accepting God’s love

by Christina Morley