October 16, 2012

There's a Road that is Turning

Posted by Christina Morley |

Photo by Christina Morley
There are times the Lord doesn’t seem near,
But oh, how much He wants us to hear
Of His great love and the sacrifice He made,
So that even the littlest one can be saved.

Whether male or female, wealthy or poor,
Jesus is standing at the door.
Through floods, fires, famine, and cold,
The Lord reaches out with love un-foretold.

Jesus came for the needy and lame.
The sinner, the baby, He loves just the same.
The children have voices, the fetuses none.
Do we have His compassion for everyone?

The Muslim, the Hindu, the slave, and oppressed,
Jesus took the towel, as a servant was dressed.
To help the hurting and to set captives free
Takes courage, sacrifice, and love from you and me.

From Japan to Jordan, from China to Chile,
Stretch out, reach out, the harvest is plenty.
From Albania to India, Sudan and Kuwait,
If we don’t hurry, it may be too late.

As He is healing you, heal others around.
Nothing is stopping you; your feet are not bound.
Be filled with His Spirit and bathed in His love.
All power and authority come from above.

There’s a road that is turning.
There’s a way we can go.
The doors are now opening.
His love we can show.

by Christina Morley