March 30, 2012

Like a Kite

Posted by Christina Morley |

Longingly I gaze at the sky
As I peek out my window
I feel safe behind my door
But as time passes on
Life is passing me by
Yet something’s pulling deep inside

If I were a kite
That remained indoors
What would be the use
If I never took to flight?

I’m sure there’s something missing
Maybe I lost the key
But I know there is a door
That I must go through
Not later, but now, even in winter or spring
I’ll fly high and let go of the string

I’ll soar on the breeze that carries my name
I’ll rise high and not in vain
At the right time, I’ll know which one’s mine
At the right time, I’ll have peace of mind
Then I will soar
I will soar

by Christina Morley

March 27, 2012

The Sun Rises

Posted by Christina Morley |

The sun rises across the sky
As people are walking by
Shining on the rich and poor
From desert to sea shore
On every man, woman, and child
From the city to the wild
It rises and then sets again
Each day without end
Telling a tale for all to see
That we aren’t living equally
Perhaps equally we never will
And also without justice ‘till
We speak up for the weak and small
In the daytime and at nightfall
To remain consistent and fair
As our lives are there to share

by Christina Morley