May 07, 2012

To Be a Mother

Posted by Christina Morley |

These are my four kids. I'll be posting Mother's Day card making ideas on my 1camera1mom blog for all the scrapbooking and card making moms and kids out there. You can add your own Mother's Day poem or use one of mine. I'll be adding a couple more this week to choose from.

To be a mother means…
You’re a “Home Exec,” a fancy name for doing jobs that no one sees
There are people who think that running a home must be a breeze
Daily you are finding lost items, washing dishes and making the bed
It’s not rocket science, but sometimes you think you’re losing your head

To be a mother means…
As you fold the clothes, you realize just how much the kids’ have grown
You still remember miniature sizes and wonder how the time has flown
Now you’re not “cool,” but in those days you were their sun and moon
And as they gain their independence, they’ll be leaving home soon

To be a mother means…
You have the hardest task of letting go and letting them fly
And when you’re alone, you know that you’ll cry
But once they’re gone, they’ll always know where to find you
Because you’ll always be their mother, no matter what they do

by Christina Morley


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Really lovely.

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